Kabel Audio

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Jiasound Audio Cable Mini Jack 3.6mm - Akai 6.35mm 1 Meter

Kabel Profesional Jiasound S-121C Mini Jack 3.5mm Stereo - 2 XLR M

Kabel Profesional Jiasound S-122C Akai 6.3mm Stereo - 2 XLR M

Kabel Profesional Jiasound Single XLR to XLR

Kabel Profesional Jiasound Stereo XLR to XLR

TECHNICAL DATA Audio Cable Percon AK 2111 AL
Conductor CuSn OFC
Nº conductors 2
Section (mm2) 0.22
Insulation PEX
Shield Al-PET +Drain Wire
AWG 24
Weight (Kg) 19
Stranding 7/32
Use Install
Nominal Size 4

Bantam (TT phone) patch cable, midi cable, stable microphone cable with ultra-low outer diameter - the MY204 is ideal for all these applications. Its braided shield offers superior tensile strength, making the MY204 suitable for uses such as XLR fan-outs or XLR patch panels. The MY204 features a copper drain wire in contact with the braided shield, which can significantly speed up custom cable production.