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Harga 1 Roll 305 Meter

Konektor yang sesuai bisa dibeli disini : https://www.tokopedia.com/mitravisual/castor-bnc-3g-sdi-connector-rg6-size

Crimping beli disini : https://www.tokopedia.com/mitravisual/bnc-crimping-tools-fo-bnc-rg6-connector

The RG6 3G-SDI cables are designed for professional broadcast applications in mind. These cables feature dual copper braided shield for high flexibility, strength, and superb shielding against interference. The center conductor is made from true 75 Ohm 18AWG solid copper. This cable is 100% sweep tested and is ready to meet today’s requirements of 3 Gbps data transfer.

Features :
Strand Cooper Core (Serabut)
Connector A: True 75 Ohm BNC Male
Connector B: True 75 Ohm BNC Male
Dual Copper Shielded
18 AWG Pure Copper Conductor
RG6 Digital Spec Coaxial Cable
75 Ohm Impedance
Diameter: 0.303 inches
100% Sweep Tested

Harga 1 meter

  • - 【HIGH PERFORMANCE】: Our 3G HD-SDI cable is uncompressed digital signals so that the original image is not distorted and the quality of the transmission becomes more clearer, using 75-5 Coax Cable, 75 Ohm for accurate video and RF signal transfer.
  • - 【100% HIGH PURITY 4N OFC & ROHS PVC】: The transmission rate of our 3G HD-SDI cable is faster than others, high purity 4N Oxygen-free Copper ensures stable signal transmission. Physical foaming PE. Solid OFC 18AWG ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) copper center conductor. Improve ROHS PVC more durable more wear-resistant. Outer diameter is 0.2756 inch (7.0mm).
  • - 【98% HIGHLY DENSE TINNED COPPER BRAIDED SHIELDING】: 98% highly dense tinned copper clad aluminium braided shielding (128 braided) and aluminum foil shield for complete EMI and RFI rejection.
  • - 【HEAVY DUTY METAL COPPER & ALLOY CONNECTORS】: We used premium copper connectors and contact pin, heavy duty alloy metal copper connectors can reduce outer inteference, more durable.

Product:9104CATV Video, RG59, 20 AWG BCCS, Foil + Braid, CM PVC JacketProduct DescriptionCATV, Series 59, 20 AWG solid .032" bare copper-covered steel conductor, gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation, Duobond®; aluminum braid(s) shield(65% coverage), CM PVC jacket

Connector: BNC male to male, straight to right angle.

coiled, coaxial, OD 5.0mm cable;


thicker core;

high density shield;

gold plated plug;

stable signal transmission.

PU spring wire is not easy to deform and has strong resilience.

Length: 60cm, up to 1 meters. (any lengths are possible)

Kabel serabut support SDI, sangat lentur seperti kabel audio.
1080p : Maksimal 70meter
1080i/720p : Maksimal 100meter
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