Kabel SDI

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Product:9104CATV Video, RG59, 20 AWG BCCS, Foil + Braid, CM PVC JacketProduct DescriptionCATV, Series 59, 20 AWG solid .032" bare copper-covered steel conductor, gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation, Duobond®; aluminum braid(s) shield(65% coverage), CM PVC jacket

Connector: BNC male to male, straight to right angle.

coiled, coaxial, OD 5.0mm cable;


thicker core;

high density shield;

gold plated plug;

stable signal transmission.

PU spring wire is not easy to deform and has strong resilience.

Length: 60cm, up to 1 meters. (any lengths are possible)

Kabel serabut support SDI, sangat lentur seperti kabel audio.
1080p : Maksimal 70meter
1080i/720p : Maksimal 100meter
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