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Product Type Connector boot
Intended For Audio/video connector
Product Material Elastomer
Width 0.6 in
Depth 0.6 in
Height 1.6 in

Perhatikan : konektor ini untuk kabel ukuran/type RG6

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Cocok digunakan untuk kabel kabel Casto S6 : https://www.tokopedia.com/mitravisual/castor-s6-sdi-cable-suppport-1080p-size-rg6-lentur-full-serabut

Crimping beli disini : https://www.tokopedia.com/mitravisual/bnc-crimping-tools-fo-bnc-rg6-connector

We all know that we have used their samples to let the professional BNC hardware company in China select and finalize the current 24K gold-plated model with the help of their samples. The purpose is to match our HD-SDI and 3G-SDI. Line use (75-5 models). At present, after the feedback from the majority of users, the details have been done, and the current 24K real gold-plated SDI head has been finalized and mass-produced. Various broadcasters, television stations, and performing arts companies have said that the contact is good and the life is Long, tight fit and resistant to rolling.

Konektor HDMI Panel Female to Female

Konektor SDI BNC Panel Female to Female

The rearTWIST HD BNC cable connector offers a true 75 Ω design and is perfectly suitable for HD applications.
The patented rearTWIST boot guarantees easy access even in high density applications and offers color coding.
Suitable cables:
Argosy Image 720, Belden 1505A (ANH), Belden 4505R, Belden 8241F, CAE HD08370LSZH, Canare L-4CFB, Clark Wire CD7559-0, Clark Wire CD7559F-0, CommScope 5565, Draka 0.8/3.7 AF, Draka 755-801, Draka 755-803, Draka 755-804, Gepco VPM2000, Proel HPC 810, Suhner S0426, Sommer 600-0451, Sommer 600-162(F), Percon VK6
Crimp size:
Pin: 1.6 mm (square)
Shield: 6.47 mm (hex)