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Rp 2.740.000
Rp 2.740.000

This 1080P USB video record card is designed with HD output and 3.5mm audio output.
The 1080P video capture card support 4K input and 1080P output.
The USB video capture card is easy to use, wide compatibility, no lagging.
The computer video capture card is suitable for many occasions, such as live streaming, video recording, game streaming and so on.
The video capture card is small, lightweight, which makes you can easily carry or store it.

Material: Aluminum alloy.
Color: Silver grey.
Size: 22x4.69x1.63cm.
Working temperature: -20℃ to 75℃.
Relative humidity: 5 to 95%.

There might be a bit color distortions due to different computer resolutions.
There might be a slight errors due to different hand measurement.

Package included:
1x Type-c to HD capture card.
1x USB to Type C Converter
1x 3.5mm Audio Cable

•HD 4K Live Broadcast Dedicated,Born for Game live:Support 4K input HD 1080P .Free drive,restore textures, tones, shadows, lighting in the game and etc more detail.
• New upgraded chip: Not stuck, high speed decoding, high compatibility. Fully compatible with all kinds of motherboards, can support INTEL or AMD CPU or Z series / B series / X series motherboard can support.As long as your motherboard with USB 3.0, USB3.1, you can use this product directly, it can directly compatible with LINUX and MAC.
• Video conference: You can use this product to connect the camera to computer.It will record the content of the meeting from start to finish, so that you can view it next time.
• Outdoor camera live?It will record the beautiful scenery and support up to 1080P HD video input and recording. Make your videos stand out and bring more clicks.
• Drive-free power supply, plug and play.Support for mainstream devices: X-box,Swich,PSP,PlayStation,PC,Notebook,Mobile Phone.

SDI video output
2 x 3G SDI, BNC
HDMI video output
HDMI 1.4, Type A

SDI audio output
2-channel audio embedding
HDMI audio output
2-channel audio embedding

Decoding method Uncompressed output, software decoding
Maximum resolution output: 1920 x 1080 p60
Driver, development kit Windows WDM driver, AVStream driver (DirectShow), IoSdk development kit, PlaySdk development kit, Edius plug-in, firmware upgrade tool
Drive function Hardware control broadcast time stamp, strictly guarantee audio and video synchronization
Parameter setting multiple output formats

Deskripsi VMOX CAPTURE HDMI 4 INPUT 1080P Support Vmix OBS Wirecast

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Up to 1080 60p
Support Vmix, OBS, Wirecast

Driver Download :

Technical Specifications
Interface:USB 2.0 (USB Micro)
• Video Input:HDMI
• Video Output (Pass-Through):HDMI
• Audio Input:HDMI
• Audio Output (Pass-Through):HDMI
• Max Pass-Through Resolution :1080p60
• Max Record Resolutions:1080p60
• Supported Resolutions (Video input):1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p, 480i
• Record Format:MPEG 4 (H.264+AAC) / Supports hardware encoding
• Dimension (W x D x H):100 x 57 x 18.8 mm (3.93 x 2.24 x 0.74in)
• Weight:74.5 g (2.63oz)
1. LGM does not support viewing/recording/streaming of HDCP protected signals.
2. LGM does not support 4K, HDR, wide angle resolutions or high refresh rates.

System Requirements(For dedicated streaming PC)
Operating System: Windows® 10 (Support UVC Protocol)
- Intel® i5-3330 or comparable (i7 recommended)
AMD A10-7890K (Quad-core) or above
- NVIDIA® GTX 650 / AMD Radeon™ R7 250X or above are recommended
- Intel® Core™ i7-4810MQ
- NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 870M
- 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)

Mac System Requirement:
Operating System: macOS X 10.13 or later (Support UVC Protocol)
- 2.9GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor
- NVIDIA® GeForce GT750M with 1GB of GDDR5 memory
- 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory
MacBook Pro
- 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor
- NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M with 2GB of GDDR5 memory and automatic graphics switching
- 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3L onboard memory

What's in the box
• Live Gamer MINI (GC311)
• USB Micro to Type-A cable
• Quick guide

Supports SDI/ HDMI capture to USB 3.0
Automatically detect the input video formats
Compatible with USB3.0 with transmission rate up to 300~350MB/s
Compatible with UVC video capture and YUV 4:2:2 video output
Input and output video signal up to 1080p60
Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and with many different USB 3.0 chipsets
Compatibles VLC, OBS, XSPLIT and AMCAP etc. PC capture software
Connect multiple dongles to one machine
USB power supply


Input interface : 1xSDI, 1xHDMI 1.4a
Output interface : 1xUSB3.0 (compatiable USB2.0),1xHDMI local loop out
Audio input format : HDMI/SDI embedded audioInput format


Input format :
HDMI 1.4a compliance, Support 1080P/60hz 8-bit,(RGB,YUV)
SD/HD/3G-SDI, SMPTE-259/274/296/372/424/425/292 compliance

HDMI sampling rate : 165MHz

USB3.0 output format :
1920x1080, 1920x960, 1680x1050, 1280x720, 1024x768, 960x540,
720x576, 720x540, 720x480, 640x480, 640x360

Frame rate : 25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60fps
Audio input format : 1xPCM stereo audio
Video & audio capture : UVC (USB video class) & UAC (USB audio class) standard
Output color space : YUY2


Supported OS : Windows 7/8/10, Linux (Kernel version 2.6.38 and above), OS X (10.8 and

Software compatibility :
OBS (Windows), Windows Media Encoder (Windows), Adobe Flash Media, Live Encoder (Windows, OS X), VLC (Windows, OS X, Linux), QuickTime, Broadcaster (OS X), QuickTime Player (OS X), Wirecast (Windows, OS X), Potplayer (Windows), etc.

Compatible SDK : DirectShow (Windows), DirectSound (Windows)


Power consumption : 3W
Operating temperature : 0~50oC
Storage temperature : 0~60oC
Relative humidity : 20~90% RH (no condensation)

Dimensions : 99.6x70x24
Weight : 114g

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Up to 1080 60p
Support Vmix, OBS, Wirecast

Driver Download :

Deskripsi VMOX POLARIS EGPU Thunderbolt 3

Perhatikan terdapat 2 Varian produk
1. EGPU Only
2. EGPU + VMOX HDMI Capture 4 Input

Support dengan segala macam capture card yang berbasis PCIE.
Mengunakan port Thunderbolt 3 (bukan Type C)
Paket Sudah termasuk termasuk dengan kabel Thunderbolt 3 30cm.


Thunderbolt™ 3 for lightning fast transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps

Dedicated DisplayPort for additional monitor to expand the workspace

2nd Thunderbolt port supports Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.1, and DisplayPort devices

1 PCIe (x16) slot supporting half-length, full-height, double-width cards

4 lane PCI Express 3.0 compliant interface

Removable back panel for double-width cards

Daisy-chain up to 6 Thunderbolt devices

Durable and rugged aluminum casing

No tools required for installation

Acacis HDMI Video Capture 1080P Support Vmix,Zoom,Wirecast,Skype,OBS

Spesifikasi: Port Input: 1 x HDMIFormat input HDMI:480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p50, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080p24 / 25/30/50/60

Output :1 x USB-C

Output Format : 640x480 / 720x480 / 720x576 / 768x576 / 800x600 / 1024x768 / 1280x720 / 1280x800 / 1280x960 / 1280x1024 / 1368x768 / 1440x900 / 1600x1200 / 1680x1050 / 1920x108 0/1920x1200 / 640x360 / 856x480 / 960x540 / 1024x576

Frame rate :25 / 29.97 / 30/50 / 59.94 / 60fps

Up to 1080 60p
Support Vmix, OBS, Wirecast

This professional ezcap264 has 4 HDMI input port, and built-in multi-viewer & switch function.
It can capture or live streaming full HD 1080P 60fps video through USB 3.0 port, user can capture 1 or 2, or
4 channels at a same time depends on you need.
Besides, it also can support HDMI local Loop-out function.

It support UVC standard, no driver installation required, and work with most software on Windows or Mac.
Allow live video streaming, webcasting or video conferencing to Skype, Facebook live, YouTube live,
Livestream,Ustream, Dacast, Wowza Cloud,etc. very powerful,you deserve to have it

1. No need to install drivers, it is real PnP.
2. Compatible with for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X operating system.
3. USB3.0, 300-350MB/s throughput, and compatible with USB 2.0.
4. The process of video and audio is done by the dongle and does not occupy the CPU.
5. Can capture high-definition HDMI video signals of a single channel.
6. It can automatically detect the input video format and automatically go to the set output size and frame rate.
7. Input and output video signals can reach 1080p / 60Hz.
8. Compatible with UVC video capture and YUV 422 video output.
9. HDMI to USB3.0, convert HDMI signals into USB signals, and broadcast them through a computer notebook. Compatible with live streaming software such as for OBS / POTPAYER / AMCAP / VLC.

Host interface: USB3.0: 300-350MB / s, USB2.0: 40MB / s
Input interface: HDMI interface
HDMI input format: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p50, 720p60, 1080i50, 1080i60, 1080p24 /25/30/50/60
Output format resolution: 640x480 / 720x480 / 720x576 / 768x576 / 800x600 / 1024x768 / 1280x720 / 1280x800 / 1280x960 / 1280x1024 / 1368x768 / 1440 / 1600x1200 / 1680x1050 / 1920x1080 / 1920x1200 / 640x360 / 856x480 / 960x540 / 1024x576
Frame rate: 25 / 29.97 / 30/50 / 59.94 / 60 fps
Support operating system for Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2/Linux (kernel version 2.6.38 and above)/OS X (10.8 and above)
Software Compatibility: For Windows Media Encoder (for Windows) / Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (for Windows/OS X) / Real Producer Plus (for Windows) / VLC (for Windows/OS X/Linux) / QuickTime Broadcaster (for OS X) / QuickTime Player (for OS X) / Wirecast (for Windows/OS X) / Potplayer (for Windows), etc.
Development interface compatibility: For DirectShow (for Windows) / DirectSound (for Windows) / V4L2 (for Linux) / ALSA (for Linux) / OS X (for QuickTime)

Package List:
1 * Capture Card
1 * HDMI Cable
1 * USB Cable

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- HD Recording 1080i/p
- Microphone input
- Support HDCP Protocol Decoding
- Plug n Play no need driver

Garansi 3 bulan

  • Uncompressed Data Transfer
  • Up/Down Resolution Conversion
  • HDMI Monitoring for Color Correction
  • Bidirectional Thunderbolt Data Transfer
  • HDMI and Analog Video and Audio Ports
  • SD and HD Video In Full 10-Bit Quality
  • 2 Ch. 24 Bit RCA / 8 Ch. HDMI Audio
  • Inputs On 1 Side/Outputs On Other
  • M.E. Software Solution Included
  • Also Records Video Games

The Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle with Thunderbolt lets you accomplish one or more of four tasks -- grab footage out of a camera, pass it to a computer, adjust resolution up or down along the way, and, at the same time, or at anytime, connect to a top-quality HDMI monitor and perform color-correction in the best available resolution.

Video gets captured uncompressed, meaning its bits and pieces are let out of their cage -- out of the algorithm that packed them tight onto the camera's memory card -- and are shuttled through to a computer without any further loss, whereas without capacity for uncompressed transfer, not many alternatives can substitute sufficiently.

The transfer from the camera to the Shuttle is done through an HDMI cable, and from the Shuttle to the computer can also be by HDMI, but available on the Shuttle is a Thunderbolt port, which is an advanced data-transfer technology that with a 10Gbps capacity is extremely fast. Thunderbolt is also bidirectional and can thus serve as an input and an output. The receiving computer -- or storage device -- must also be equipped with Thunderbolt. Macs were the first of any devices to be equipped, and all Macs are equipped.

Data does not stay in the Shuttle before moving on to the computer. The Shuttle serves as a pass-through only; and at the data's passing through, resolution can be adjusted to arrive in the computer higher or lower. SD can become HD and vice-versa, so that if you have footage from different cameras shot in different resolutions, you can match them up to look the same.

The Shuttle is a capture-and-playback device, more often referred to as an I/O device for its inputs and outputs. Aside from the HDMI and Thunderbolt connections already mentioned, the Shuttle also has analog video ins and outs, as well as HDMI and RCA audio ins and outs.

The Shuttle is portable, allows many conveniences in transferring footage, affords quality transfers, and delivers video to computers in codecs most recognized by popular editing systems.

Transfer and Monitor and Convert Footage
  • Transfer uncompressed from a camera to a computer
  • Match up resolutions by converting SD to HD and vice-versa
  • Connect to a top-quality HDMI monitor and perform color-correction
Inputs and Outputs
  • Bidirectional 10Gbps Thunderbolt video and audio
  • HDMI, S-Video, component and composite video ins/outs
  • 2 channel 24 bit RCA, and 8 channel HDMI audio ins and outs
Media Express Software Included
  • A complete solution for capture and playback
  • Create playlists, organize clip bins and add metadata
  • Work in QuickTime, AVI, DPX, ProRes, DVCPRO and MJPEG
Additional Features
  • DVD/Blu-Ray authoring and web streaming via compatible software
  • Connect to video game consoles and capture and record your gaming

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  • Stream Any SDI or HDMI Signal in 720p HD
  • Connect Virtually Any SDI or HDMI Camera
  • Presents SDI/HDMI Source as USB Webcam
  • Built-In Teranex Conversion Technology
  • Broadcast on Skype, YouTube Live, Etc.
  • 12G-SDI, HDMI, XLR Mic & RCA L/R Inputs
  • SDI and HDMI Outputs
  • Teranex Mini Smart Panel Supported
  • Mac, Win, Linux & Chromebook Compatible

The Blackmagic Design Web Presenter is a compact desktop device that allows you to connect any SDI or HDMI camera signal and stream it live on the Web in 720p HD. Connect a camera or any other source, and then connect the Web Presenter to your computer's USB port.

The Web Presenter makes your SDI/HDMI source appear as a standard UVC and UAC compatible USB webcam, so it's capable of broadcasting video and audio on any webcam-compatible platform and software, including Skype, YouTube Live, Facebook Live,, Periscope, Open Broadcaster, and XSplit Broadcaster on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS systems. However, the magic happens thanks to a built-in Teranex conversion technology that will take your HD or Ultra HD signal and automatically convert it to the low-data-rate yet high-quality 720p resolution.

The Web Presenter features 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0, XLR mic/line, and RCA L/R stereo audio inputs and SDI and HDMI outputs. In addition to everything it also has a built-in, two-input production switcher that allows you to live-switch programs if you incorporate the Blackmagic Teranex Mini Smart Panel, sold separately. The optional panel adds push button controls, an LCD screen, and a spin knob, and allows you to have a presenter on an SDI camera and a slide show on an HDMI computer, and to switch between them with smooth dissolves. You can even preview video and monitor audio levels on the LCD screen before going live with your web broadcast.

Key Features
Live Stream Any SDI or HDMI Signal in 720p
The Web Presenter allows you to connect any SDI or HDMI video source and broadcast it live as a webcam in 720p resolution thanks to built-in Teranex conversion technology.

Connect Virtually Any SDI or HDMI Camera
The Web Presenter features 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 inputs with support for all SD, HD, and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60. An HDMI loop-out lets you set up the Web Presenter between your computer and a video projector, and an SDI output is included for master recording the output of the switcher. The SDI program output, which is not down converted to 720p, can be used to record a full resolution master. You also get balanced XLR audio inputs for connecting professional microphones, along with RCA HiFi inputs for connecting iPods and other audio sources so you can add music or computer audio to your program.

Mix and match different video sources with glitch free switching. The Web Presenter features automatic frame re-synchronization on the HDMI input so you can work with multiple sources and automatically synchronize them to ensure glitch free switching. This advanced feature lets you transition between sources cleanly, as long as they are running at the same frame rates and resolution.

Desktop or Rackmount with Built-In PSU
The Web Presenter is based on the modular Teranex Mini. It's compact and can be used desktop-mounted, but can also be rackmounted or easily hidden. Three units fit side-by-side in a single rack space, or can be combined with other Blackmagic devices such as Teranex Mini converters, HyperDeck Studio Mini recorders, and the ATEM Television Studio HD switcher. The Web Presenter also features a built-in power supply so you don't have to carry around extra power cables.
  • 1-Lane PCIe Slot Capture Card
  • SDI and HDMI Inputs
  • Inputs Uncompressed 10-Bit Video
  • 4:2:2 Video Sampling
  • 16 Ch Audio Embedded in HD SDI
  • 8 Ch Audio Embedded in SD SDI
  • 8 Ch Audio Embedded in SD and HD HDMI
  • OS X, Windows and Linux Compatible
  • SD/HD/3G-SDI Input/Output
  • PCI-E Interface
  • 1080p 4:4:4 by Single-Link 3G-SDI
  • 10/12-Bit Processing
  • Down/Up/Cross Conversions
  • Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux Compatible
  • 1-Lane PCIe Slot Capture Card
  • SDI and HDMI Output
  • Inputs Uncompressed 10-Bit Video
  • 4:2:2 Video Sampling
  • 16 Ch Audio Embedded in HD SDI
  • 8 Ch Audio Embedded in SD SDI
  • 8 Ch Audio Embedded in SD and HD HDMI
  • OS X, Windows and Linux Compatible
  • 10-Bit HD/SD Capture and Playback
  • USB 3.0 Support
  • 10-Bit HDMI Video Direct Capture
  • Separate Sides for Inputs & Outputs
  • Support for Multiple Video Standards
  • No Compression Required
  • No Separate Power Source Required
  • Compatible with Multiple Applications
  • Mac, Windows, and Linux Compatible
  • Ultra Portable Camera Capture Device
  • SDI and HDMI Inputs / Thunderbolt Output
  • Transfer Video from Cameras to Computers
  • Capture Live Feeds / Playback Feeds
  • Supports Signals up to 1080p30/1080i60
  • 10-Bit Color Precision / 4:2:2 Sampling
  • Real Time Colorspace Conversion
  • Software Based Down Conversion
  • H.264 Video Encoder
  • SDI, HDMI, and Composite Video Inputs
  • Records and Streams Video
  • Supports HD and SD Resolutions
  • Scaling + Deinterlacing Before Encoding
  • Controlled over the Network